Eating sushi is better than sex. Well, bad sex anyway. It’s the whole interactivity thing of it. Choosing and deciding on the right combination is an act in and of itself. The mixing of the ginger and soy sauce and wasabi brings anticipation to no end. And getting the right piece on your chopsticks and finally up to your waiting, salivating mouth is orgasmic!

Yup, better than bad sex.

Building a fire has some of the same qualities. I know lots go for “choice” logs to burn, but I prefer a bunch of smaller and medium ones. Looking for them in the woods is fun (other than the whole walking back home with them thing). Lighting and feeding the fire continuously, teepee style, and adding small pieces of wood as the night wears on really gets me going.

It’s so satisfying it makes me want a cigarette.

I don’t think bad sex is better than no sex. You just need to find something else to do.


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