It’s all psychological
And makes one philosophical
It could be biological
Or maybe even chemical

Sometimes it ain’t ethical
And leaves one feeling cynical
It’s bordering on clinical
And winds up just mechanical

It makes one somewhat skeptical
And that’s not geographical
It’s on the verge of radical
I’m not sure if that’s practical.


3 thoughts on “VERGE OF RADICAL

  1. This is fun, Pete. It sort of reminds me of a line from the Blur song, ‘Country House’, “I’m a professional cynic, but my hearts not in it…” Having said that it also reminds me of ‘Tsunami’ by the Manic Street Preachers, “Doctors tell me that I’m cynical, I tell them that it must be chemical…” Love it! (Sorry for the randomness!). 🙂

    • That’s okay, as long as I think it sounds like the real me that’s all that matters haha I do like those lyrics you just mentioned. And I don’t know Manic Street Preachers I’m gonna have to check them out! 🙂

      • PLEASE DO! They are such a brilliant band! Their earlier stuff is far better, a lot more political, but shit hot. Try ‘The Holy Bible’ (probably their best) and ‘Everything Must Go’. If you are into the loud stuff, try ‘Generation Terrorists’. They are such a great band from Wales and they put on such a great live show! 🙂

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