I had some really strong coffee in the morning today
I spent time watching the birds at the feeder today
I took a leisurely stroll through the woods today
I enjoyed a nice drive in the country today.

I went crosstown to mow a lawn today.
I spoke with an old friend on the phone today
I got really good service in a store today
I wrote an interesting enough story today

I took a really long nap in the afternoon today
I ate some locally grown produce today
I read part of a really good book today
I waved at a handful of people going by today

I experienced debiliitating pain today
I stressed over the state of the world today
I lost the motivation to carry on today
I found the spot in my heart where my strength is today

I sat Indian-style on the ground today
Other than that I didn’t do much.


10 thoughts on “INDIAN-STYLE

  1. Didnt do too much…….love it Pete, especially the end, hahaha… have a great sense of humor and I love reading your work….hope you continue for a long time…. good day….

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