a thing of the past

that big screen tv?
you thought you needed it right?

can be good for you
you had to learn the hard way
as these are bust times

we don’t have to have
the best of everything
anymore- do we?

a friend once told me
he only would have the best
he wouldn’t settle

buying and spending
were daily occurrences
he lived in boom times

now there are bust times
he doesn’t know what to do
he was used to it.


7 thoughts on “BUST TIMES

  1. Just a quick visit to WP!!

    I love this! I have been there! Buying and buying can be addictive and the feeling you get when the latest acquisition is in place is one of anti climax! So you need to buy again to resolve that feeling….!!!!:))

    Carrying on trying to buy in the “bust” times can be a disaster! 🙂

    I think this poem captures a theme really well and for me it is both fun and serious 🙂


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