Tommy’s mom just shook her head. “Son I can’t help you anymore. I mean I would if I could.”

He sat at the table with his face in his hands, not crying, but on the verge. “But Mom, they’re gonna shut my power off if I don’t pay the whole thing by Friday. I don’t have that kind of money. It’s like over $500.00. And then what about Sissy and Jasper?”

She looked at him tenderly, but you could see the frustration in her face. “Well that’s the thing Tommy- you live alone and you work full time. Plus you’re hardly there. So why is it so high?”

“What do you mean why? It’s hot out now so the air conditioning’s on.  That sucks a lot of electric. I mean it costs a lot.”

“But you have to learn how to be frugal with it. Turn it down when you’re gone or even shut it off. That’s what I do. My bill’s nowhere near that!”

“But Sissy and Jasper, Mom. I’m not going to leave them in a house that’s like an oven. Cooped up all day like that?”

“Tommy they’re dogs. Pets. They can live with the heat. You can’t be paying exorbinant electric bills for animals. You take great care of them. They’re gonna have to make due just like people do.”

“That’s like my neighbor asked me why the a/c is running all the time and where do the dogs go during the day. He started laughing at me when I told him that they’re quiet in the house all day while I’m gone and that Sissy has the loveseat and Jasper has the couch. And he laughed more when I told him I leave the TV on for them so they don’t get bored.”

Tommy wiped his face and took a deep breath, composing himself. He got up and walked into the kitchen and refilled his water bottle. “Okay Mom I’m gonna hit the road. Let me know if you’ll be able to help me, just let me-”

“Tommy I don’t have that kind of money. You’re gonna have to figure it out. And in the meantime you may want to rethink your relationship with Sissy and Jasper. It doesn’t sound healthy to me.”


4 thoughts on “SISSY AND JASPER

    • Thanks, I’m sure. 🙂 And who could ever disparage anyone who loves their animals so much? But not to the point of not being able to keep the lights on! Thanks for reading Jenni, I’m much obliged.

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