It went on for hours

Our conversation was just so good
It was the being together part that felt so RIGHT to me.

I told you I wasn’t sure
I don’t know if I want to open up again
I say this but I know that I’m opening anyway.

I’m vulnerable with you.

Despite what my intellect may be telling me.
It’s my heart that’s doing it
Opening up shyly and bashfully like a bud does in springtime

Why would I want to fight God’s natural order? Is there reason to even try?

You said goodnight first

I still thought about you when I went to sleep
In the middle of the night too, as I tossed and I turned and
I fiercely clutched my blanket.

It was you that I thought of
In the morning too, when I first woke from my slumber
I just remember it so distinctly.

I didn’t want to have to say goodnight.



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