I usually don’t make too much of a fuss anymore when it comes to what I wear. Or when and where I wear it. Does that make sense? Well my point being that in the “old days” what I wore and how I looked and how I behaved was a much bigger focus and part of my life than it is now.

Now I simply dress for comfort.

That doesn’t mean my clothes aren’t clean. Or me for that matter. I’m generally quite fussy about hygiene. And that also doesn’t in any way mean that I’m unkempt or not groomed. Although when my hair was a lot longer, for specific reasons there’s no need to get into, I did often feel a bit mussed.

I do take regular showers.

I’m not sleeping when you are. And you’re sleeping when I’m not. Just saying, my regular living hours are different and it all seems to be working out just fine. Right now it’s 4AM and not only am I wide awake, I’m pleased with the day so far and have accomplished an awful lot. Getting ready actually to get started with the regular part of the day, getting out of the house to work for some money, run some errands etc. I can’t wait for my nap later in the afternoon. Just how it works really. As soon as the sun goes down I’ll be back in bed for the night which is cool. I mean in the winter it doesn’t work as well but with all this light my particular schedule and lifestyle works just fine.

When you go out for the night, hitting the bars and staying out late, you can call me when you get home. I’ll be awake. As long as it’s not a “drunk call”.

Freak flag.

With age comes a sort of impractical wisdom or possibly an intolerance- for my youth and many things I formerly believed in. Things I just poo-poo nowadays really.  Most things just aren’t as important as they used to be.

I have a long-time “lady friend”. Well she really is just a friend as she’s almost thirty years my senior. We often sit around and engage each other openly and honestly about things that could be considered mundane, and have a connection that is mostly true and real and deep. She has a somewhat laissez-faire attitude about lots which I’ve always admired- most definitely her choice of clothing (insert laugh here please).  Traditionally she’s affirmed my view on many things in what I thought was a genuine way. And wholeheartedly and sincerely debated me when we’ve been in disagreement.

Not just a yes-man.

I was over her place and we were getting ready to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Getting ready as in walking around the house to find the keys, looking in the mirror to wash the sleep out of the eye- just the general getting of shit together. I threw on a bandana whilst gathering myself up, looked in the mirror with sufficient approval, then started out the door. She looked at me long and said, “You’re not gonna go out in public like that are you?”

I stopped short to think. I mean to absorb the question and formulate a  response. Why would she ask when she knows where I stand?

“What do you mean?”

“That thing on your head.”

I took the bandana off.

But I’ve thought about it since. There’s not a damn thing wrong with wearing that, especially when I’m smiling. And haven’t we already discussed this?

What I’m doing in my life generally has little to do with anyone else, as far as needing to emulate others or conform to a degree of suffocation. My impression is that many are quite concerned, and work really hard to be in the flow of things.  But I’m just letting my freak flag fly.  I do get lots of ribbing and the perennial eyebrow raising, but it all seems to be working out just fine.

It’s a style thing.

So once again I’m yipping and yapping about anything random, and once again you’re indulging me.  Good Karma for you.  My only point here is that there’s lots about folks that certainly can’t be gauged in ten minutes, based on appearance. We’re all made up of deeply woven tapestry, and ought not to be shy to strive to be just that.

So I’m gonna work hard to let my freak flag fly indefinitely.


8 thoughts on “FREAK FLAG

  1. This is great!

    There’s a bit of synchronicity going on here because I awoke very early this morning with thoughts on a poem about my clothing! 🙂
    Watch this space – it will appear on WP at some stage.

    On a more serious level. I try these days to let nothing, fashion-wise or anything else-wise, bother me as I have many, many more pressing things to deal with such as MS to start with – that’s enough to be going on with. But I could soon let the MS allow me to slide into an oblivion, fashion conscious-wise, where I am not yet prepared to go. (It’s bad enough being given a “perch-stool” by our NHS that’s the colour of death) – that’s what the poem in my head is all about 🙂

    Stop me! – I am now rambling :):)


    PS You wear the bandana btw Why ever not?! 🙂

    • hahah well I was quite the conformist for many years, and dress was a big part of the “image” I felt I had to project ya know. After I became ill (auto immune) and went through several years of dealing with that and the changes it brings to both the body and psyche, plus other unforeseen changes and events I’ve gone through I said “screw it!” Suffering and angst do wonders to ones’ priorities no doubt. I think I found out what for me was truly important. 🙂

      This piece didn’t really go far enough, as there are many more freaky things about me haah

      Thanks for reading I always appreciate you.


    • I know. I love my bandanas! 🙂 Yeh I do hoodies too haha

      No it’s really not freaky at all to me, but to some it’s not appropriate to wear out of the house or something haha

      Thanks for reading Lori. I know where you come from a bandana’s not at all a big deal haha

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