Fragile and delicate
With a rough exterior
That betrays the gloominess
And apathy that persists

Scared and vulnerable
With a clouded and jaded view
Of how things are
And how they could be
For you

Your pain is too much
I know that it’s real
The tears and the anguish
Your nightmares reveal

This mosaic

Beat up and depleted
With a gruff demeanor
That defies the confusion
And sadness inside
That persists
For you

It hurts me
Believe me
To know how you suffer
And live with such strife
All the time

The weight is too much
Please know that I’m here
Reach out if you want to
Anytime I’ll appear

This mosaic


10 thoughts on “THIS MOSAIC

  1. This is so moving – it takes me back to when I had two very severe bouts of depression (last one 2007) when I was hospitalised for 3 months. I thought there would never be away out.

    Just knowing that someone is trying to understand (which is what this poem says to me) is enough to help carry you through the rough times until you gain enough strength to re-emerge into some semblance of a balanced reality >)


    • I’ve had several bouts and nowadays seem to fall in and out of it really I also have a very good friend now who’s quite down “in the hole” as I put it, and it breaks my heart. I think your interpretation was my exact intent Christine. Just offering support and understanding, which for some reason I often feel I don’t get when I’m in the hole myself haha So it’s also partially the ole “note to self”. 🙂

      Thank you for reading.

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