Eye to eye
Heart to heart
Soul to soul
Resolute and determined
To make things happen

As they ought.

Keeping it real
And on the level
Clear and unquestioningly
Focused on the truth
As opposed to what we see

It’s a dream.

I mean we really ought to think about it
Wouldn’t you say?
Or do you prefer living your life
Beneath your shroud
Cloaked and veiled
And locked up inside yourself
Knowing things never turned out the way you intended?


6 thoughts on “SHROUDED

  1. I love the placing of “resolute and determined” coupled with the enjambment as it leads to the following line, that’s perfectly done. 🙂

    The final stanza has a sting in its tail, nice to give the reader something to ponder. 🙂 Great work, as always, Pete. 🙂

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