I enjoyed you this morning. I usually do, although it’s definitely a full morning to say the least. I enjoyed you years ago when I first came to see you. Although at that time I just showed up to help. The heavy lifting, the set up, and the assisting of the folks loading their grocery bags into their cars etc. I liked you then but I love you now.

Things are just so different now.

Back then I wasn’t a person “in need” as they say. Meaning I had enough food for myself and came to see you simply for humanitarian reasons, just attempting to be a better person by being generous with my time and brawn. You don’t have to thank me dear Food Bank, I enjoy it. But I love you now as you’re helping me materially, and at this time in my life my resources are quite slim. This is a source of much angst and bad dreams for me. I try to overcome it daily, and mostly do okay. But the fear of my future is exacerbated when I look around and see what I don’t have. And how hard this struggle and has been.

So thank you dear Food Bank. I’m grateful. You strengthen my faith.

Your crowd of the folks is inspiring. Both the church folk volunteers and recipients, who gather a half hour earlier than the “sign up” time at 9:00 (no earlier no later), to be near the front of the list when the food finally gets distributed at 11:00. Then the church folk start calling their names. This is after we all tag-team to get the trucks unloaded, the boxes unpacked and bagged and accounted for and the place cleaned up somewhat to be ready to efficiently distribute the food.

All this while a major bustle of activity is coming from all directions!

The crowd assembled overall is a particularly eclectic mix. Possibly more than you see in most places. Poor, well-to-do, black and white, young and old, disabled, men and women. Some would be called trash, some would be called uppity and “church” people, some would just be looked at and disrespected and treated like misfits. Castaways.

In regular society.

But here there’s a harmony. There’s laughter and impatience and new friends to meet. No matter who you are, we’re all the same. There’s just air of just “rightness” about the whole thing.

And we know it.

So thank you dear Food Bank you’ve filled me. With an appreciation for the true nature of people and the possibilities for the world. Maybe it’s corny but I see the evidence. You give me much hope and much joy.

And food!


2 thoughts on “DEAR FOOD BANK

  1. What a great entry! Thanks, Pete for these reminders.

    You know, the mentions of ‘church’ people reminded me of a conversation I had this past week with a friend of mine who is working on a documentary about worldwide violence against women. She is Jewish and she was saying how odd it is to her that Christians (some of them anyway) go out into the world on ‘missions’ with the idea of spreading the word of Christ and converting people to Christianity. Then she paused and said, “You know, as someone who has many problems with Christianity and many people who call themselves Christians, I have to admit…everywhere I go in the world where there is a humanitarian crisis and a true need, the Christians are there first and longest. They just show up and are ready to work. And that’s amazing. There’s something to that. And yet some of the other things that many of them do and say, and the level of interference and lack of respect for the home culture’s religious beliefs and way of life is so dazzlingly arrogant. I wonder if that goes hand-in-hand, like you have to be somewhat arrogant to swoop in all savior-like whenever there’s a problem. And yet, it’s so necessary, and we can’t help but be incredibly grateful.”

    Anyway, of course they are at the food bank early, right? That is what they do. In this world of right wing extremism, it’s good to be reminded of why many (most?) Christians are actually awesome people who work in food banks and try to help people in distress.

    Also, hooray for food banks! Hooray for Pete! šŸ™‚

    • No we’re not really Christian. We’re Unitarians haah I just think I got a lot of doing for others. Purely tactical of course. šŸ™‚ I do enjoy and learn from all the people in my world, and am looking forward to seeing them in two hours. (yes today is monthly food bank!) Thanks for reading and your insightful comments. I always apprecaite you.

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