Adult Content

He sat there waiting for her. Like usual. When he heard her outside walking up their front steps he knew they’d get into it. I mean she’s so damn inconsiderate.

She opened the door and walked in smiling, totally unassuming and apparently could care less about his feelings. Again. She casually flopped her purse down on the dining room table, slipped off her sandals, and walked down the hallway to the bathroom.

She closed the door behind her.

He walked up to the door and put his ear close to it to listen. She pulled the door open and it made him almost jump through the roof!

“What?” she asked.

He mumbled, “Uh. Nothing. I was going to draw you a bath?”

She paused and considered this. Walking past him she said, “Yes, do that. Draw me a bath.”

He walked into the bathroom and looked around. He pulled out some fluffy white towels and placed them on the vanity, and grabbled some candles and lit them: the burnt vienna orange one and the midnight turquoise cobalt too. When their aroma bathed the room along with the hot steam from the bath it was heavenly.

Quite pleasing.

He pulled off his shirt and sat Indian-style in his boxers on the floor next to the tub,  and reached in and turned on the spigot: piping hot. He poured her Tea Tree oil bath beads in along with some soapy, lathery rosemary oil and ran his hand quickly in the water to activate and fluff it all up.

He was gonna make it special.

She came in and disrobed and he stared up at her from the ground, the hot steamy bouquet rising up in the room.  Ahh… He took her hand to help her to step into the bath. He pulled out the big sponge and poured liquid aroma-therapeutic soap on it while his other hand was on his swelled rod, slowly wagging and tugging and edging it, as he watched her get comfortable and settle in. Every few really slow tugs, he would reach under and cup and hold his liquid filled nutsack.

Boned to hell.

He took the sponge and looked into her eyes, as he moved in to begin the slow soaping.

“I’m not ready yet,” she said. “Just wait a minute.”


8 thoughts on “JUST WAIT A MINUTE

  1. Hmm. Have you ever read The Virgin Suicides? I ask because that book is so quintessentially male in how it views girls (because they are girls in the book, not women) and it makes me wonder what happens that men go from *that* view of girls to this view of women. This was a pretty sad piece, but I wondered if it made me sad for different reasons than it would make a guy feel sad.

    It’s like…recently I was listening to Sinead O’Connor’s cover of the song “Queen of Denmark” — originally written and performed by John Grant. I was curious what the original sounded like, and, wow, it felt like a different song to me simply by changing the sex of the person singing it. And in a similar way, I find this a sad story here but probably if the same thing was told from the woman’s pov, I’d also find it sad, but for entirely different reasons.

    I am rambling! And likely being too vague and making no sense. To sum up: interesting read; made me think about stuff beyond the story, and that’s always good. 🙂

    • He just thinks she’s a Goddess. Pretty nice view to have no? 🙂 Thanks for reading Leta, hope you’ve been doing well. I love Virgin Suicides, and love Sophia Coppola.

      Sad? How so? 🙂

      • Yeah, that thinking she’s a Goddess thing is what brought to mind The Virgin Suicides. But this story seems smudged with some resentment about feeling that way, which TVS never had at all. Perhaps that wasn’t intended…but that’s what I saw, and that made me a bit sad.

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