you’re on my mind much more than you should be
i can’t help it, that’s how it goes
i’ve learned.

i have to accept it but the pain is too much
well not all the time, mostly it’s good
i’ve learned.

i’m thinking about you right now.

but it’s too much at the moment
it hurts way too much
here in my solitude
in day and in night
and worse when I see you
you being so near
so near to my heart
i’m more lonesome than ever
i’ve learned

it’s a yoke around my neck.

because I want you near me for real
right here and right now
and for always.
to live together the way that we ought
you’d never regret it
i believe it could happen.

it could.

this pushing and prodding
it’s breaking me down
and you don’t even know I exist.


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