Why does God insist on teasing me?
Filling my heart up with hopes that can’t be realized?
Challenging and cajoling me ad infinitum?
Dangling what I want and need right in front of my face?

Why does God do that?

I’m almost to the finish line.
I’ve been putting one foot in front of the other thoughtfully and deliberately.
I’ve kept my eye on the prize and my focus razor-sharp.
I’ve hardly wavered under the weight of nerve-rattling and precarious conditions.

I’ve accepted my fate one-hundred percent and stand accountable and firm.

What else does God want?

I’ve crawled over broken glass and my knees are bloodied and swelled.
My spirit’s been crushed and my psyche’s been ripped apart.
I’ve died so many times that I’ve hardly the will to go on.
So dangle my dreams and aspirations in front of me all you want.

I know what I’m doing.


6 thoughts on “DANGLE

  1. A thought provoking one for Sunday – faith, something which I confess I struggle with, though I remain endlessly fascinated. Great stuff.

    • Oh say it! WTF I mean haha Yeh I’ve had some pretty bad health problems the last year and winter was no fun at all. Lots of what has been suffering to me on that front and other ones as well. I believe it’s true that “that which doesn’t kill you is stronger”. I’ve hardly believed that over the last few years but think I’m on the “other side” of things and have gained and am gaining more strength every day, finally. So thank you God. 🙂 And thank you too Journeyintopoetry, appreciate you reading!

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