You speak in whispers
And I can’t understand you
But I get your drift.
You talk in riddles
I know where you’re coming from
But you make no sense
Your words are vague and
Not getting to the heart of
Things that matter here
Why can’t you say it?
Say what you mean and believe?
What’s with the games here?


11 thoughts on “GAMES

  1. I love how you took the old analogy of “dont play games’ and gave it an intimate and relatable voice….I have felt this way many times, but sorry to say I have been the ‘vague’ one at times….thoughtful post and well expressed….:)

  2. I try not to be vague but I think it’s part of human nature. I know so many who are they frustrate the hell outta me! Appreciate your kind words Celeste and hope you’re doing well.

    • Thanks bud, it’s ALL AROUND us. I strive to be as clear as I can, but many I know are VERY difficult to communicate with no doubt. Thanks for taking your time to comment Goblin.

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