Adult Content

Ray didn’t think anything was wrong with getting as much oral sex as possible, you know, having women going down on him. They certainly liked it. And it wasn’t hard to find either. His wife had no idea, and besides, getting a blow job wasn’t cheating, right? While Sylvie plated out the lasanga and he sat down for dinner, he figured a little ride over to their small town’s version of the Redlight, would do him some good. “I’m going out,” he told Sylvie, getting up after licking his plate. Man, she makes great lasanga, he thought. She just smiled and said, “Okay Ray, where ya going?” Ray said, “I’m going over to the church and help em get that new roof on.”

He went into the bathroom and did a bit of sponge cleaning, particularly down around the family jewels area, looked at himself in mirror, fingering his hair and looking up and down at himself. Yeh he looked good, and the ladies he met certainly showed it.

He set out in his pick up truck, lighting a joint along the way. Getting the willie washed was always much better with a bit of a buzz. He swung onto Macadam Street, checking out the scene on the sidewalk. Years ago this is was where the clothing industry thrived, that was before those Chinese and Mexicans started making everything for us, with their slave labor and apparent need to live better. There wasn’t much happening yet tonight, being it’s a weeknight and all. Plus the sun was just setting, a bit early for lots of action here.

Ray saw a little chickie on the corner, looking damn good, with her long hair and exotic looks, in that revealing clothing, a little short white skirt and tight pink t-shirt. So tight, he thought. And he didn’t just mean the clothes. He pulled over but saw that she was already talking to some guy parked in front of him. Her head in his car window now, she apparently was feeling him out. He slowly took another spin around the block, and when he returned the other guy was gone.

I wonder what turned her off about him?

He pulled up to her corner and stopped and motioned her over. She was quite young, must have been seventeen or eighteen, but the type that he liked, natural looking and innocent. Compared to most anyway. She stuck her head in the window and smiled.

Ray motioned with his thumb, “what happened with that other guy?” he asked. She replied, “What other guy, what do you care?” and smiled. “Oh, I don’t know,” said Ray, “so why don’t you get in?” The chickie got in the car and moved over in the middle, putting her hand on his crotch, by now bulging. She smiled at him and licked up his neck, and it was a bit hard to drive the car, if you know what I mean.

The chickie unbuttoned and unzipped him and felt around down there, allowing his pride and joy to come free. She leaned down and engulged him and Ray put his hand on her back, and started to caress. He went down to her behind, then up on her belly. He moved down to the glory zone and when he got there he just stopped.

It turns out this chickie wasn’t a chickie at all. Ray had been duped and spurt all his guilt and self-loathing down her throat.


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