you tell me that you’re leaving now
but you won’t tell me why

you say you’ve had enough of this
but flinch when I ask why

you remark that it’s not me it’s you
so I can’t question why?

at loggerheads, an impasse here
can’t help but wonder why


8 thoughts on “LOGGERHEADS

  1. Grr to this… I totally get this. Totally. Man. As crappy a buzzword that ‘closure’ is, it’s bloody nice when you get some! 🙂
    Nice work, Pete! 🙂

  2. This reminded me of a friend of mine. She once broke up with a guy because it wasn’t working for her on multiple levels, though there was nothing specific that she could point out as the ‘why’ of it all. The guy would not let it go, though, wanting her to explain to him what he’d done ‘wrong’ and ‘why’ she thought it wasn’t working out. Her reply was, “Isn’t it enough that I just don’t want to be with you anymore?” I thought that was pretty insightful in a way, because, yeah, that should really be enough. Uh, this was an early-on relationship, though, like a 3 month thing, so it wasn’t a marriage or anything.

    • I’m all for directness now doubt. 🙂 Thanks for reading Leta sometimes it’s just time to GO! (not a personal story where I wouldn’t get the message either haha).

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