I love my recliner. I’m looking at it right now. I don’t really sit there much at all, but when I’m relaxing on my sofa, I have a habit of looking at it.

Often for too long.

You used to sit there. Although you’re gone, the memory and vision of you still lingers. When I look at that chair I can’t help but feel your presence.  It makes my heart hurt. All the time I’ve spent looking at that chair with you in it are too fresh. And now that you’re gone, even though that’s what’s right, my heart can’t seem to let you go.

Doesn’t wanna let you go.

I put a warm quilt on you last night. Well, it got a little more chilly than expected and I figured you’d be cold later. You always fall asleep in that chair. How many times have I told you to go sleep in the bed?  But no, you always say you’re not gonna fall asleep there, then you do.

So endearing.

I unfolded the quilt and I laid it on top of you, tucking you in, then  shut off the lights and tip-toed back to the bedroom.

I drifted off to sleep on my way to nice dreams, all the while seeing you in that chair.


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