I’ll accommodate and sacrifice for you
I’ll make concessions and cede ground it’s true
I’ll support you and wait on you see?
But a martyr is not what I’ll be

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps this time
Be accountable for yourself on your climb
Self-reliance has gotta be the way
If you expect that it’s here that I stay.


11 thoughts on “MARTYR

  1. Fantastic Pete! I like your ‘stance’ here, which is, if I’m right, that being radical can be fine, you can achieve some much needed things, but extremism and martyrdom are quite something else…?

  2. When you’re generous with yourself with somebody who needs a lot of watering and feeding to be able to deal with their lives and existence, it’s easy to fall into the martyr role, only because you just want to be nice and supportive etc.

    Often that backs you in a corner where you can’t win at all. No peace.

    Wherever you go there you are, something everyone else has to deal with it in their own way.

  3. It becomes a situation where you regularly and good-naturedly serve a person a cup of coffee when they get to your house and they wind up taking it for granted, then start cursing you for not putting enough sugar in it.

    Don’t be a martyr.

    • Seems like it’s every society; where no one can satisfy any one….
      You’re right; nothing’s harder than having some one by your side not to give you a hand or even a mind but to absorb you always and forever…:(

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