Your heart is so hard.
From so much hurt and such pain.
Things I know nothing of.
Is that what it is? Hurt and pain from your past?

From your whole life?

Or fear?

Is that why you lash out?
Why you simmer and seethe?
Are restless and anxious?

You don’t really have much.
You have me though it’s true.
I’m the best that you’ve got.

Wounded bird.

There’s no reason for distrust.
To not be what you are.
To retreat and withdraw.
Why not soften things up?
Take it easy.

That I’m by your side.
I’m not going anywhere soon.
Never had anyone there?
Is that why it’s tough?

There’s no need to be scared.
It’s okay to kick back.
To feel safe and secure.
And to trust that we’re good.
Take it easy.
It’s okay.

Wounded bird.


6 thoughts on “WOUNDED BIRD

  1. I really like this Pete, you encapsulate it perfectly, the feeling that you’re trying to do everything to help but all the bird thinks is that you’re going to eat it!

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