Wear and tear
And atrophy
Playing out

Worn out
Ripped up
Withered too

Bid adieu

Out of order
Is the case
Out of place

and gone down hill
Just left the station
Terminally ill

Up the junction
What the hell?
No more function
Ring that bell!

Just throw it out
Don’t make me shout!

Finale and
Finito now
We’re all played out
Don’t have a cow

A schmoozer and a
Snoozer too
Don’t tell me that
It ain’t what’s true!

So get your jollies
Get your kicks
And then we’ll start
Those dirty tricks

How we do it
Goodness knows
Use and lose it
How it goes.


6 thoughts on “USE

    • I’m not sure what the photo is, but it’s trippy no? I just call him Garbage Man haha Thanks for reading Robin always a good day when I’m rappin’ hehh (or something). 🙂

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