I’ve thought about it
Maybe it’s time you renege
On this dream you have.

You’ve worked so hard
And it’s been nothing but heartache for you
Time and time again

Too much hurt, so much pain
Don’t you think it’s time you renege
On this dream?

Please tell me, do you really think
You ought to continue?
It’s laughable that you even try.
What makes you think
You could ever really get there?

You’ve dreamt for so long
Been cut up so bad
Been shook up and beat down

So much hurt, too much pain
Don’t you think it’s time you renege?
Or do you still believe in your dream?


3 thoughts on “THIS DREAM

  1. This is a message that so many of us receive from other people in our lives and from our deep-seated self-doubt. After reading it, I sat with the thoughts a few minutes and realized that, for me, it is somehow a lot more hurtful when someone else is expressing those kinds of doubts to me than when I express them about myself. And that made me wonder if that reaction is true of everyone, or if other people are more hurt by their self-doubt than by the doubts of others.

    Thanks for this poem.

  2. Thank you Kyle and Leta, I appreciate you both. I was born into this message and never encouraged and am so used to it. I’ve only had myself. When you’re determined and carry on and keep going and those around you are discouraging (because of who they are of course), it’s a challenge. Makes one develop certain coping mechanisms which are somewhat cold and dismissive of others unfortunately. Don’t drag me down man!!! 🙂

    On those days when I feel like giving up I feel like I’m losing myself. We have to stay focused on what’s right for US! How else can we be whole with others?

    I’m not going to live this life not believing in the dream. Why live then?

    Thanks again.

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