I’ll sit at the misfit table. While I appreciate your invitation to sit on the dais with the “prominent” ones, I’d prefer sitting wherever the outcasts are.

Sorry, it’s just my way.

You say there are no outcasts here? That we’re all inclusive and tolerant and welcoming and accessible? While I don’t question your integrity and sincerity in saying so, I must be direct and forthcoming: You’re wrong. Anywhere we go are my misfits. Whether they separate themselves from you, or are separated by you, is of no relevance or consequence to me.

I’ll find them, I always do. And I just happen to think they’re more interesting anyway

Than those who feel they belong. Than the conformists and conventionalists and kowtowers. That lot, the yesmen and self-aggrandizers and puffer-uppers, are really just too predictable and bland for me. I don’t last long amidst that crowd at all, and after about five minutes I just need more.

Sorry, it’s just my way.

So where are the misfits, the dissenters? The angst-ridden and fish out of water? Don’t worry I’ll find them, and I’ll like them too. I don’t doubt they’ll be suspicious of me at first, but I don’t mind, I expect it.

See I’m just a misfit too.


8 thoughts on “MISFITS

  1. You’ve no idea how glad I am for having found your blog. Everything’s great in here. I hope you’ll let me feel at home and hang around perusing each of your wonderful essays. You are such an excellent writer.

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