I slept backwards last night. Well by backwards I mean I put the pillows at the foot of the bed and spun myself around. It was quite spontaneous, I just did it. I have two small bedrooms in my cottage and each has two windows. I recently changed rooms as I’d been feeling that I wasn’t in the right spot in the new room. For some reason, I wasn’t in sync with regard to the windows and moon and night and there was a VERY full and big and bright moon last night. I wanted to enjoy it.

I’d sleep outside every night if it was physically practical and socially acceptable. A spot in the woods would be nice. But last night my window was wide open as the temperature was mild. And that was quite inviting to me, especially at the new end of the bed! So my head at the foot allowed me to have my face a couple of feet from the screen in my most comfortable sleeping position.  I fell asleep with the blinds up as always, to the view of trees still Easter bare. The moonlight lit up the woods. I knew when I woke up later the moonlight would be bathing my face.

The treefrogs and breeze lulled me to sleep.

Sleep comes quickly to me always each night. Must be because of how I live each day-rest is natural and welcome and easy. I love my days. I’m hardly idle. At night, I’m off to sleep within a few minutes-unaided. Mornings come quickly, after what to me is a dreamless and fetal state. My internal clock wakes me each morning, also unaided, and quietly. Must be because my mornings are magic to me and I can hardly wait. I get out of bed with an appetite for the day. About twice a year I set an actual alarm clock-but in those cases I usually wake up before it. I have an adamant and seemingly innate refusal to ever stay in bed past a certain time in the bewitching hours. My mornings are my sacred time of solitude and peace. My chamber: Invaluable.

It’s 4:35AM right now.

This Sunday morning we spring ahead. I’ve waited a long time for this and have suffered and tarried. The whole fall behind thing doesn’t suit me at all. Those months of mornings are different when they’re spent in the dark and cold. I’ve always believed the true nature of man is that in the dark months of winter we oughtta be in hibernation and isolation. Dormant.  But no, of course we don’t do that. We fight it. Or at least I do. It seems lots don’t like the whole losing an hour thing, or at least that’s what I hear. People are busy and harried and it’s like they think they’re losing an hour when they can “productive”. They fall behind. But for me the whole season, with each passing minute resets my internal clock and relights the spark in me.

Spring ahead.

So I slept backwards last night as the full vernal moon shone through my window. I was filled with anticipation for the coming year- the reawakening of the world, when the greenery and animals and insects come out from their slumber; the coming of the equinox, when the sweet dawn comes earlier each morning and the days never end. The year ahead: One of growth and change and embracing life.

The fact that the weather’s nicer and the birds wake up when I do, while I’m enjoying my solitude and coffee and own company, is just a plus.


10 thoughts on “MORNINGS

  1. I am not a morning person. My mind has always been at its peak during the late night hours–the time when everyone else in our house is fast asleep and I am all alone. But the way you described your mornings makes me want to try and experience the magic of rising early. This post is lovely. It made me think of what I’m missing about mornings. I will definitely try to turn my “day” around before 2012 ends.

    • 🙂 I think the same could be said about your late nights. It’s the place you go when all is quiet and still which for me happens to be early in the morning. Sometimes way too EARLY in the morning like now haha at 3:15AM. Thank you for reading and stopping by!

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