It’s the smell that was getting to me. It was wafting in from the other room. She was still glaring at me with that ridiculous expression she gets whenever I disappoint her.
Yup, looks like I’ve done it again!
I could tell things were breaking up out there and dessert would be served. Elizabeth and Trevor would be wondering where we’d run off to- probably start some sort of malicious rumor about us or something.
I hate those two. They’ve always so SMUG.
But the aroma was heavenly. How could I sit here and not partake?  Must be a Peruvian or Costa Rican, or maybe even a Kenyan. I’d bet on the Kenyan, this being the high class-joint that it is. “We really need to get back to our seats,” I told her. She stared at me in disbelief.
“What?” I smiled. “Don’t you want a cup of coffee?”


7 thoughts on “KENYAN

  1. I hope you didn’t realize it was coffee. Hard to try and hide things and have them actually read like they’re intended. 🙂 Thanks for taking your time to read Susie, I appreciate it!!

    • He smelled the strong and aromatic Kenyan coffee “wafting” in from the other room while he and his wife or girlfriend or sister or whoever were having a very tense moment, out in the lobby or something. 🙂

      He really wanted to have a cup of coffee haha


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