Apropos of the dark, wet, foggy morning, he dragged himself from his slumber, finding it a challenge to accept that he’d have to face this day. The driving rain figuratively pelted his weary and heavy heart.

As was his custom to always forge ahead, no matter the situation or circumstance, today he was determined to make things different for himself. He was resolute to affect some kind of positive change and to feel he’d done his very best. He fumbled to make his coffee and feed the dog. Walking around the house in his bedclothes, he turned on the lights to try to brighten this day.

To jumpstart his psyche.

He looked out the window at the dreary sky. It was starting to get light out, but today the sun had decided to hide. Not being able to make out the normally prominent mountain ridge, he thought this day was all pea soup and miasma. How could he be expected to effectively accomplish anything on a day that so resembled night? Where the murkiness of everything pressed down with such weight?

It’s gotta feel this way in hell.

Apropos of the gloomy, rainy, misty morning, he begrudgingly went through the motions of showering and getting dressed. He prepared his brown bag lunch, and slowly made way out to the car. He’d fulfill the obligations he had today, as he knew he had no choice. Opening his umbrella he started down the walkway. He saw neighbors doing the same. One caught his eye and smiled hello.

Apropos of the love and goodness and kindness in people, his heart instinctively jumped and gladdened. His miasma lifted for sunshine.


5 thoughts on “MIASMA

  1. nicely penned. Just read it to my husband as he is feeling the same way about going to work today. I said, “see, you’re not the only one that feels this way.” He still looks sad, though.

  2. Gosh Sheila that’s so kind of you, thank you. And yes we all feel this way from time to time. I probably did when I wrote it too, I so often hate those kinds of days. Hope your hubby smiles soon!

    And Robin- you ROCK!!! 🙂


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