You gotta wonder about someone who’s so talented but doesn’t recognize it, and does nothing but put up roadblocks and invalidates what oughtta be a pleasure and opportunity to celebrate.

You gotta wonder about someone who has nothing but disdain and contempt for everyone and everything around them, and will take any chance to list the faults and travesties and the wrongs done to them.

Look for them even.

You gotta wonder about someone who takes for granted all of God’s gifts when they’re right in front of their face, but is locked up so tight behind the walls of fear and self-loathing they’ve no eyesight.

You gotta wonder about someone who rants and raves about all of the injustice in the world, but takes no accountabiliity for the injustice they inflict on others, those who would do anything to grow and support them in any endeavor.

You gotta wonder about people and their quickness to anger and settle some imaginary score, with everyone they’ve ever encountered in the past and those they encounter today.

Just gotta wonder. Well actually, no need to wonder. It’s that chip on the shoulder thing again, that’s right. Not anything more sinister.

I oughta recognize that by now.

No need to wonder. The moments in time are too precious to waste on such meaningless and fruitless questioning.


8 thoughts on “GOTTA WONDER

  1. Pete, it’s that “every silver lining has a cloud” mentality. These folks need to turn it around!

  2. Time is too precious to deal with other people’s posturing and insecurities. I mean there has to be a certain standard of respect and decorum I think.

    Doesn’t mean there’s no empathy. It means have to keep it in check in order to not get sucked in!

    Thanks for reading Melody, I appreciate you.


  3. Well-written Pete. I enjoyed this very much. I know someone just like that…it’s heavy to have them in your life. These people you can love but not like and even love has to be from afar. Blessings

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