I walked out of the grocery store, back to the picnic table, where we were just hanging out enjoying the weather. Remember? Having one of those pretty, lay-about days in the sunshine. I took out my snackies, which consisted of two “lunchables”, I guess they call them, and an apple, with a yogurt, and one of those plastic “sporks”, you know, the spoon and fork together. Usually I would have packed my “good food”, but that’s a whole ‘nother story and I’m lucky you’re even paying attention to this one!

So yeh I sat down and y’all were already chomping away. I pulled the goodies out of the bag and laid them on the table, and my appetite really’d built up from our morning activity. Famished man! I took the lunchable and tried to find the corner I guess where you open them. I pulled one corner then another but to no avail. I fussed and I squinted, tried to smash it a bit, while y’all just watched and snickered, but whatever. I managed to pry one end somewhat open, but the force of my effort made the fake ham and cheese and bread and condiments in the little plastic envelopes just ricochet through the air, landing on the pavement.

Oh well, so much for that.

I tried the yogurt figuring my first attempt at the lunchable didn’t work so well, so why try right away with the other one? I took off the clear plastic lid, apparently child proofed or something, and then got part of the thin metal like cover with the little tab open some, and pulled. I just got a glob that flowed out, and landed on my shirt.


I eyeballed the apple, and figured what the hell. I picked it up and took a bite, really no problem here. And no need for a spork either. I guess this is as the apple is just picked, or just falls from the tree. You know, God’s tree.

When I was little I remember being the brunt of my Dad’s impatience with how I just didn’t seem to know how to “operate” all this packaging. I would for example take a new jar of thousand island dressing, while he watched me from the couch, and just TWIST the lid, without removing that cumbersome sealed plastic around it. Extra step I just don’t need. Knowing me, having a knife on hand would probably help. Or a drill. But I’m just physically inept for some reason to know how to do it all. Worse was my Dad really just thought I was an idiot. I remember him hitting me cause I never put things back the right way after I used them, like not tightening lids, and just bunching up the paper around the lunch meat very thoughtlessly and what not.

I don’t know why though. I don’t really analyze it. It’s just how things are.

Can’t stand packaging. Maybe that’s why I like natural food. Just comes in it’s own package!


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