I’ve no poetry only malaise.
Life intrudes and I’m unable to believe in diatribes and excess
and flourishes and pronouncements

I just can’t.

I’ve no poetry only strife.
Real obstacles that make me cynical in what I see
lacking hope for what could be

I just won’t.

Say anything or express myself anymore.
It’s redundant and phony
it’s hollow and shallow
a ruse and just taxing

I  refuse.

Won’t allow those tired feelings and beliefs to just flow
Can’t allow vulnerability to manifest and show
Refuse to call anything truth even so
While I sit here and ruminate, self-indulgent and low

I’ve no poetry only contempt.
For the words in my mind
and the integrity of my soul
it’s all lies.

RUBY SKY STILER no title 2012

Ruby Sky Skiller- no title 2012


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