The River - Moved!

He was nervous. I mean he has put so much heart and thought into actually meeting her, that the fact that it was finally happening was literally off-putting. A whirlwind of emotion and glee. His knees were wobbly and his heart was a-thumpin’. Would she even take him seriously he wondered? How could she, I mean really. He’s come from grime and from wildness and unrefinement. The streets. Just a scrapper, after the bone. And she’s so cultured, and savvy and accomplished.

Made in heaven.

He checked his watch again, while he puffed on his cigarette. Damn all this nonsmoking nowadays. How can a person be expected to get to the airport, go through ALL THAT degradation, just to get on a plane, be in the god-damned sky for eight hours like a sardine, disembark with the sheep, get out through the exit, go through all that messy rigomoro…

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